Who We Are

Soilandfarmer is a platform created for marginal farmers who have always been exposed to various external risks like weather dependence, market prices, input availability etc. Due to all these challenges and financial losses farmers are forced to sell the land and migrate to cities in search of work. According to the 2011 Uttarakhand census data , as many as 2.26 lac farmers left farming and migrated from their birth places Migrated farmers were reduced to manual laborers in various cities for survival of their families .
Mostly the farming is practiced by women who are left behind in villages increasing their drudgery. Already burdened with household work, caring for small children and elderly members, they are ridden with additional responsibilities of farming and mulch cattle.
Since 2017, the journey of Soilandfarmer with farmers has developed step by step. Every challenge in the corner has motivated us to innovate. We intend to generate livelihood opportunities within villages by opening doors for these farmers to sell the farm produce directly to customers in bigger cities and eliminating the middle men thus getting higher profits for farmers.


Guidance on Market Demand

We guide the farmers on produce specifications that fetch more value for user.

Better Pricing than Mandi

Our pricing is transparent, and we make sure the farmer earns more with us when compared with the Mandi.

Basic of Natural Farming

Farmers are trained to do natural farming and improve the soil quality.

"We have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist"

— Wendell Berry
Our Vision

Soilandfarmer is a unique organization, where we aspire for ecological growth with a sense of social responsibility. We are committed to support our partner farmers with sustainability and cater our consumers around the world with the naturally grown products which taste good and feel good to get more out of life.

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Purpose, Values & Principles

Our Purpose, Values and Principles state that to succeed we requires "the highest standards of social corporate behavior towards the environment, everyone we work with and the communities we touch. Soilandfarmer’s has a unique culture. As a result, our consumers will reward us with leadership position, value creation and allowing our partner-farmers and their families to live a prosperous life.

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