Soil And Farmer

Soilandfarmer promotes the importance of growing chemical free vegetables in own farmland and allowing our partner-farmers and their families to live a prosperous life. Our esteemed customers know what they are eating and how it is grown .The message we intend to drive for our children through this initiative is that nature has abundance of resources and we can get the best of it by using minimum natural resources for maximum benefits.

We believe there is no single method which we can say is best for improving soil health and fertility hence we use best set of various natural farming( no genetically modified seeds, no chemical fertilizer and pesticides) principles in our approach We follow age old mixed cropping and crop rotation techniques, Waste Decomposer (revolutionary product developed by National Centre of Organic Farming, Department of Agriculture),Panchagavya (The Sanskrit word means "mixture of five cow products"), Jeevamruth, and neem leaves/cakes are key ingredients for soil and pest management in our farm land