Farming via Technology of Death

Greed for money has grown enormously and it has started showing in every aspect of lifestyle. Humans have started giving more importance to the materialistic stuff rather than humanity and thus chemicals are being used widely in farming which is not only severely affecting our health but killing other living organisms (Jivanu) which co-exist in soil. These organisms would normally break down organic matter into plant nutrients and help convert nitrogen from the air into a plant-usable form. Other useful soil bacteria are "disease organisms" which keep cutworms, chinch bugs, grubs, and other parasites in check.

Chemical pesticides and fertilizers are the major cause for imbalances in our ecology.

Excess nitrogen used in crop fertilization contributes to the release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere. This effect is caused by using a greater amount of chemical fertilizers than the plants can readily absorb. The biggest issue of using chemical fertilizers is groundwater contamination. Nitrogen fertilizers break down into nitrates and travel easily through the soil. Because it is water-soluble and can remain in groundwater for decades, the addition of more nitrogen over the years has an accumulative effect. Excessive air- and water-borne nitrogen from fertilizers may cause respiratory ailments, cardiac disease, several cancers, increase in allergenic pollen production, and potentially affect the dynamics of several vector-borne diseases, including malaria and cholera.

Recent study conducted shows that the chemical pesticides have things to do with cardiovascular- and endocrine-related effects. Another study started in 1976 concluded that 2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic acid, (a herbicide, which controls specific weed species, at the same time leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed ) could damage liver function, immune function, neurologic impairment and reproductive organs.

Children seem to be greatly vulnerable to the toxic effects of pesticides. The Natural Resource Defense Council has collected data which recorded higher incidence of childhood leukemia, brain cancer, and congenital disabilities. These results correlated with early exposure to pesticides. Inspite of using pesticides in amounts within regulation, studies have revealed neurotoxins can do serious damage during development. Researchers report the dangers of pesticides can start as early as fetal stages of life.

Understanding your body including what are you actually made of can help you to get a better and healthy life. You must understand why too much salt can kill you or why having less potassium or other electrolytes is bad because it can damage your nervous system. Natural farming is a technique which balances the body requirements without any negative ramification.
Key point of publication from UN Commission on Trade and Development titled “Trade and Environment review 2013 Wake up before it’s too late “says small-scale organic farming only way to feed the world